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Founded in February 2013, Global Sim Racing is the premier sim racing community on Xbox One!


All of our races* are run from cockpit view, with braking line, STM, ABS and Traction Control forced off, in order to give the best possible simulation experience. Races are also run as close to their real world counterparts as possible, with similar calendars, race lengths (scaled to fit Forza in some cases) and builds. In order to reduce the likelihood of a first corner collision (and minimise dangerous driving throughout all series) we run a "Driver Safety" ranking system where points are deducted for unsafe driving and unsportsmanlike conduct. We have a community full of friendly racers who will be more than willing to help improve lap times, help with tuning or designs, or just chat with! The  Records section is updated regularly and is host to all sorts of information about different drivers, where you can size up the competition or bask in the glory of being at the top!

 *This may differ in special, or one off events


We have multiple members that Live Stream some races or practice sessions, to view their Twitch Channels, click here.

Video highlights of races can be found here, and photo galleries here.