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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GSR?

Global Sim Racing is a racing community set up to replicate real world series as closely as possible, to read more click here. Founded in February 2013, Global Sim Racing is the premier sim racing community on Xbox One!


Do you allow assist?

No. As we are a sim racing league, all official races are set to no assists and cockpit view


What games/consoles do you play on?

Primarily Forza Motorsport, Project CARS and Dirt Rally. Though we enjoy all sims!


I have an complaint/query/issue/idea, who do I contact?

If you have an issue regarding an individual race series, please message either the GSR Admin Account, or another Admin.

If you would like to report an unsafe racing incident, please record a clip of the incident from multiple angles and message either the GSR Admin Account, or another Admin. The Admin team will then review and take action accordingly. 

If you have any website or forum issues please message the GSR Admin Account or another Admin.


When do you race?

Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday.


I'm new to sim racing and I'm worried I'll be in the way...

Don't worry! We all were brand new to sim racing once!


Will my driver number and/or membership expire?

Your driver number will be reset only if you do not sign into the website for 2 months. Your membership will expire after not signing into the website for 3 months.


I'm only 12, but I'm mature for my age. May I join?



I'm 47, but I'm an asshole. May I join?



Do I have to race in every series?

Absolutely not.


Do I have to attend every race in a series?

Absolutely not. It's good to go outside every so often. Though we do ask that members maintain above 30% attendance (If a series is 10 races long and you attend 8, that's an 80% attendance rate)


What series do you race?

You name it, we've either do it, have done it or will do it in the future.


How do I sign up?

If there is a series available for sign up, a sign-up box will appear on the right side of the screen, simply enter a team name or select a team(if applicable), select a car and click "Sign up" and you will be signed up for the series.  Any issues regarding signing up please contact an admin


How do you decide what series to do?

Democracy, of course! Each member may vote on what series we run next. You'll receive your ballot in your website inbox.


"Someone crashed into me on purpose, cut corners etc. What do I do?"

Take a clip and/or save the replay. The admins will look at it after the race. A penalty/suspension may follow.


Is chat allowed during the race?

Yes, but try to keep it within reason. We do ask that you keep your mic muted unless you're talking. Nobody wants to hear you breathing, the sound of your wheel or a baby crying in the background. It's very distracting while trying to race.


Do I need a wheel to race in GSR?

Absolutely not.