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Race SeriesDedicated forum section for all official GSR Race Series
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GSREC Classifieds

GSR Admin 1 Mon 19 Jun, 21:29 by GSR Admin Team

International Race of Champions: Season 2 (FM-Am)

GSR Admin 52 Sun 23 Jul, 03:30 by TheDamnHippie

GSREC 12 Hours of Le Mans Stint Schedules

GSR Admin 18 Fri 09 Jun, 22:35 by BCKracer71

Daytona Prototype Championship (FM - Pro)

GSR Admin 37 Mon 10 Jul, 16:11 by TopSoCalledGear

2013 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (PC-Pro)

GSR Admin 126 Sun 23 Jul, 02:01 by BCKracer71

Vintage Formula Two Championship (FM-AM)

GSR Admin 48 Thu 01 Jun, 20:00 by GRD 4 3L

LMP3 Championship (PC-Am)

GSR Admin 186 Thu 20 Jul, 02:09 by Lifehigh999

2017 Global Endurance Championship (PC & FM)

GSR Admin 456 Sat 17 Jun, 22:03 by Jagdpanther0224
Community EventsThis is a place to discuss and set up all GSR community events!
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We1ty's idea, but slightly different, and with an actual date.

Lifehigh999 1 Sat 22 Jul, 02:42 by Lifehigh999

Extra Life Marathon 24 Hour Project Cars Race

THR WildWin7 4 Fri 14 Jul, 02:00 by THR WildWin7

Dirt Rally: V - Acropolis Rally Greece (F2 Kit Car)

Mr Blonde V 6 Tue 27 Jun, 18:15 by xl MAVERlCK lx

60 Laps at The Glen

We1ty 12 Wed 05 Jul, 09:43 by THR WildWin7

FM6 Group C/ Group 5 multiclass, M1 Procar spec, IMSA GTO racing

Jagdpanther0224 2 Mon 12 Jun, 22:22 by Jagdpanther0224

Wednesday Night Races: Taking Vacations in June/July

GRD 4 3L 0

Dirt Rally IV: Pikes Peak

Mr Blonde V 8 Tue 30 May, 05:48 by GRD 4 3L

Dirt Rally 1980's Rally Finland

Mr Blonde V 15 Tue 23 May, 20:26 by Dead Arm Tzar

Rookie Raceline Dice Challenge

Mr Blonde V 8 Wed 24 May, 18:56 by Firben

Dirt Rally 1970's Wales Rally GB

Mr Blonde V 12 Sat 13 May, 18:16 by Lifehigh999

Dirt Funzies Rally

Mr Blonde V 28 Sat 29 Apr, 19:05 by Mr Blonde V

April WED night race testing on Monday 04/03 @9pm Eastern

GRD 4 3L 0

FM6 SIM racing Mondays (9PM EST)

capt nasties 2 Mon 20 Feb, 04:15 by capt nasties

MotoGP to GSR in 2017

Z7COLTONZ7 7 Wed 17 May, 23:22 by xl MAVERlCK lx

So... About that F1 2016 league

Murphys Laaawl 2 Tue 13 Dec, 02:57 by Mr Blonde V
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Website discussionTo help us improve the website, post your suggestions and feedback here.
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FM7, PC2 and the future of GSR (Discussion Thread)

GSR Admin 19 Sat 17 Jun, 18:45 by Lifehigh999

League/Website Notices

GSR Admin 2 Fri 05 May, 22:53 by GSR Admin Team

Driver Rankings/Rookie Orientation

GSR Admin 11 Thu 26 Jan, 14:09 by Mr Blonde V

Pole Position: The Official Podcast of GSR

GSR Admin 37 Fri 28 Apr, 22:47 by xl MAVERlCK lx


GSR Admin 8 Sun 02 Jul, 07:51 by GSR Admin Team

Driver Numbers

GSR Admin 19 Sun 25 Jun, 22:02 by GSR Admin Team


GSR Admin 15 Mon 25 Aug, 23:44 by Tucker F1
Simulation/Hardware DiscussionDiscuss various Simulations and Hardware here.
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NASCAR Heat (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 7 Mon 12 Jun, 20:55 by TheDamnHippie

WRC (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 1 Wed 17 May, 07:54 by Mr Blonde V

Wheel/Hardware Discussion

GSR Admin 8 Thu 09 Mar, 00:53 by Mr Blonde V

Assetto Corsa Discussion

GSR Admin 39 Thu 13 Jul, 06:30 by THR WildWin7

Dirt (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 18 Wed 28 Jun, 05:07 by Mr Blonde V

F1 (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 4 Sat 03 Jun, 18:49 by Chunt04

Forza Motorsport 6 Discussion

GSR Admin 5 Fri 31 Mar, 23:37 by bigmac84848

Forza Motorsport 7 Discussion

GSR Admin 20 Sat 17 Jun, 03:52 by Jagdpanther0224

MotoGP (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 2 Tue 23 May, 17:29 by xl MAVERlCK lx

Project CARS Discussion

GSR Admin 6 Thu 20 Apr, 14:13 by dakinca91

Project CARS 2 Discussion

GSR Admin 88 Sun 16 Jul, 01:09 by GRD 4 3L

Ride (Series) Discussion

GSR Admin 2 Thu 16 Feb, 01:58 by GSR Admin Team
In MemoriamShare your memories and tell some funny stories of members who sadly left us far too soon.
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Mike Dartnall (donpost) Memorial Thread

GSR Admin 0

Jack Christian (Jacko 088) Memorial Thread

GSR Admin 0
Upcoming Series PollsKeep an eye on this section and help us decide what our next series will be.
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Forza Am Series Poll - VOTE NOW - Voting ends June 9 00:00 (eastern)

GSR Admin 9 Fri 09 Jun, 22:09 by nSmokez420
Pit LaneAn area for general discussion.
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Multiplayer Mayhem. (not really)

Lifehigh999 0

2017 Isle Of Man TT

MrMarko1100 5 Mon 05 Jun, 22:57 by GRD 4 3L

TORA 24 Hours of Le Mans

Mr Blonde V 3 Wed 31 May, 01:10 by Mr Blonde V

101st Indianapolis 500 Predictions

Mr Blonde V 19 Mon 29 May, 21:36 by Mr Blonde V


GSR Admin Team 16 Thu 01 Jun, 23:29 by Throwawaygra71

Fuel For Thought

Mr Blonde V 1 Sun 11 Jun, 13:30 by Mr Blonde V

Racing Media

xl MAVERlCK lx 10 Mon 12 Jun, 09:35 by Firben
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