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Mike Dartnall (donpost) Memorial Thread

Fri 20 Nov 2015, 18:50

Guys, I have the unfortunate responsibility of passing along the very sad news that Mike Dartnell (donpost) has passed away at the age of 31. Nightmare will be making a special decal for anyone who wishes to honour Mike's memory in the BTCC race this Sunday (and beyond).

Fri 20 Nov 2015, 18:58
Still at a total loss of words for this. In the few months I actually got to race with him he became a pretty good friend of mine and was definitely one of the nicest guys I've met. It was clear to see why he was well liked and was always willing to help people out. RIP man, you will be greatly missed.
Fri 20 Nov 2015, 19:33
What the f?!? That was totally unexpected. Very sad indeed.
Fri 20 Nov 2015, 19:44
Damn. That's way too young. :(
Fri 20 Nov 2015, 20:24
Blimey! Far too young. RIP Don. Wishes to all his family.
Fri 20 Nov 2015, 20:45
What the hell I cant believe of the nicest guys iv had the pleasure of knowing ,always fun and helped everyone as much as he could. You will be greatly missed my friend RIP Mike (donpost)This sucks
Fri 20 Nov 2015, 23:39
This is such sad news, I didn't know Don very well but he was a nice guy, really clean and fair.

He also like to help other people with tuning and setups, 31 is way to young!

RIP Don, we had a great race around Monza, you will be missed
Sat 21 Nov 2015, 00:21
For anybody interested in running the decal as a tribute to Don, I just finished making it. Search 'gsr' as the description under vinyls.
Sat 21 Nov 2015, 17:47
I had the pleasure of knowing Mike all the way back from the CCRO days and I cannot recall a single instance of him ever having anything negative to say about anyone; such a positive and helpful guy, as is evident in his FM tuning guide which he made for all of us to enjoy. (I know he was also working on a PC guide which he was devoting tons of time to.)

The last message I received from him was a few weeks ago and it was to ask what more he could do to help with things around here, as he felt as he has been slacking...well I'd say 2nd on the all time wins list, 2nd all time fastest laps and 3rd in all time starts is a pretty good contribution to GSR...

Take care, #365...I'll never be as fast as you, but I'll try to be as classy.
Sat 21 Nov 2015, 23:55
Damn that sucks man. Only raced with him a couple of times but he seemed pretty cool. RIP. I guess you can never really take life for granted. Just enjoy it!!
Sun 22 Nov 2015, 03:12
Mes sympathie a sa famille et a toute la communauté de GSR.

My sympathy to his family and the entire community of GSR
Sun 22 Nov 2015, 05:14
I am really sad to hear about

I am sad to hear about Don although I did not know him personally I have read every thing that he posted way too young to go although I havent raced in a while I feel like all the guys in gsr are friends in a way.
Sun 22 Nov 2015, 15:26
I've known don for a long time, ever since he first joined CCRO and it's always been brilliant racing with him, always helpful and up for a laugh, and also one of the cleanest drivers I've had the pleasure to race with. He's put so much into this community, and will be missed

Rest In Peace Mike, taken from us all far too soon.
Sun 22 Nov 2015, 15:49
We are in the early planning stages of setting up a special race in celebration of Mike...stay tuned. :)
Mon 23 Nov 2015, 00:29
I'm extremely sorry to hear of this news, he truly was a great guy, even though I know him for a short amount of time, he seemed really nice. Rest in Piece mate
Mon 23 Nov 2015, 19:44
Far to young.

Cheers don
Tue 24 Nov 2015, 15:24
Really sorry to hear about this, Don seemed like a top bloke and a top driver.
Sun 29 Nov 2015, 18:36
Hey guys. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the memorial races today but I wish you all a good day. I didn't know Mike well. Had the pleasure of racing with him only a handful of times. He will be in my thoughts today and I'm sure you all will honor him well in today's races.
Fri 04 Dec 2015, 23:08
I've only just seen this, I can't believe it and I'm truly gutted.. I raced many times with Don being team mates in a number of events..such a nice genuine guy.
So sorry for his family, truly a sad loss
Tue 29 Mar 2016, 09:54
donpost would have been 32 years old today. Still seems very strange racing and not seeing him come around to lap me every so often.
Tue 29 Mar 2016, 22:34
Too few, were his living years
Too many, were his family's tears

Too few, were passing laps on Blonde
Too many, are missing the weekly bond