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Silverstone 2017 Preview - The British Battlefield

By GSR Admin Team on April 17, 2017

Silverstone 2017 Preview - The British Battlefield

The end of the Second World War had left Britain with no major race track but an abundance of airfields. One of these surplus airfields was located outside the village of Silverstone and being roughly in the middle of England was seen as an ideal location to bring back international motor racing to Britain. This week marks the first time the GSREC makes it’s way to the famed British circuit. Not the first time a GSR race has been held at the historical track, but the GSREC administration is excited for the inclusion in this years championship.

Even though it’s a post war track, the battle is sure to commence on the racing surface. Round one at Daytona, saw one of the biggest turnouts for the Endurance Championship since it’s inception in 2014. With 16 teams and 28 drivers, the competition was fierce and dramatic, and that drama spilled over to well after the conclusion of the race. The beauty of racing is the ferocity of the competition and the personalities involved. Will this excitement continue at Silverstone? Time will tell, but if I was a betting man, I’d say yes.

We were able to catch up with a few teams to get their thoughts on the weekends race.

The 6th place GT #60 of S.E.C.R. racing had some action at Daytona, we spoke with Marko this morning and asked his thoughts on this weekend.

After the drama of round 1 at Daytona we flew back to base and analysed all the data and replays of everything that went on, and to see what we could learn from it for the next race taking part on Forza .

As for project cars we know it's going to be our stronger point for the #60 car, as it's where both myself and Copper are more comfortable and competitive. We have had one full stint run so far getting fuel and tyre were data that we have gone over. We have more tests scheduled for Silverstone during this week to try see if we can get anything more out of the car .

It's a car we know inside out, so sorting out the few tiny issues we are having shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I haven't seen who else has entered yet so it's hard to say who will be our main opposition, but rest assured we are aiming to be as high up as possible and also put our teammates in the #59 car back in there place after beating us at round 1. We haven't had much contact with them since Daytona as they kept their car in the states .

We don't foresee the same traffic problems from round one. Silverstone is a much wider track but the #60 car won't be leaving the racing line for love nor money.

"When that clutch drops , the shit stops"

We had a chance to catch up with Team Owner Nightmare, of the number 1 ranked GT #42 MBI Racing BMW Z4. This is what he had to say.

It's definitely a lot different preparation wise going into this race compared to Daytona. With us only entering one car as opposed to two, it's been a lot easier and less chaotic trying to get everything situated for race day. For me personally, it's going to be a tougher task being the sole driver in the BMW this weekend, but I'm more than up for the challenge. Having done a few six hour races solo in the past, I'm confident in our chances. I think we can carry the momentum from Daytona to hopefully snag another trophy this weekend. Anything less would be a disappointment in my eyes.

In the P1 category, the teams are preparing in their own right. 4th place ranked Red Bird Racing #7, coming off of some bad luck with engine troubles at Daytona, BCK had this to say.

We'll likely be down to one driver (Me), so we'll try to play it by ear and see if we can steal any positions. Completing the six hours will probably be the biggest challenge.

The #8 Toyota of First Capital Autosport had a very good race at Daytona, finishing the first round in 3rd is excited for the weekend. Blonde had this to say.

We had a good run at Daytona in February; but ultimately made far too many mistakes over 12 hours. The aim this Saturday is the limit those same mistakes and see what happens.

It’s still early in the championship, it’s still anyones race at this point. Will MBI Racing #42 take the checkered again, or will the 6 hours take it’s toll on the solo driver? Will Red Bird racing stave off that engine trouble that plagued them at Daytona to gain a few positions and points for the overall championship? Only time will tell, but I can say this, the action will be fierce and I’m sure dramatic once again for Round 2 of the Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship. We can’t wait to see you on the paddock, in the pits, and on the track for this historical event. 

Editors Note: We'll continue to update this preview as more driver thoughts are added.

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