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Il grande prix dell'Italia

By GSR Admin Team on May 20, 2017

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, one of few places on earth where racing machines can be pushed to their absolute limits for laps on end. As a spectator it would seem as if the throttle is never lifted over the course of the 25 lap race. As a driver you'd be able to say that it's nearly true. 

It was a six driver grid for the Forumla 2 Italian Grand Prix, financial and fatality issues surely playing a part. But, to many driver's liking it was to be a dry race. Without any commotion the cars took their places on the grid and set off. It was Colton starting on pole and getting the holeshot, but not without 6th place starting GRD placing himself and the Alfa hot on his tail going into turn one with BCK in 3rd. Blonde had experienced trouble on the start, checking up for the 4II0 Racing teams Ferrari who had a stall on green, however there was no contact.

As the race was underway GRD and Colton were nose to tail for the first couple laps until GRD slid off track for a breif moment, allowing Colton to secure some breathing room. Smokez had moved i nto third with Blonde getting around BCK and Chunt for 4th. Blonde would eventually track down Smokez after 14 laps of hard pushing, and make the clean pass. After putting some distance between Smokez and the First Capital Autosport Ferarri, Blonde's pace would become relaxed. This in turn allowed Smokez to re-catch Blonde and allowed the two to put on the best racing of the day, often side by side and never more than 100 ft apart. This would continue until the last corner of the last lap where Smokez went for an inside move on the long right-hand sweeper. As the two were both in a four wheel slide it would see Smokez drifting up into Blonde as he would correct and come down the track. The two collided with Smokez falling victim to the risk taken to find himself on the podium. As they say, no risk, no reward. The race ended with the same podium order as the week before despite the condition changes. Perhaps drivers may not find themselves as lucky at the "Green Hell" next week.

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