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Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship 2018 Season Preview

By MrMarko1100 on January 29, 2018

Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship 2018 Season Preview

In 2017 a record breaking 54 hours separated all LMP and GT teams from the GSREC title for each respective class. As was the case in 2016 with Samkel Racing taking the LMP class honours and South East Coast Racing taking the GT honours, the headlines read the same again last year with both teams retaining their titles.

Things for 2018 however may not be the same with new challenges facing the teams with the championship going in a new direction moving away from the 50/50 split of races taking place on project cars 1 and Forza Motorsport 6. The series will now be held on Project Car 2 for the entire 6 round season. Along with the introduction of qualifying, a slightly changed points system, and a changed calendar to previous years with some of the more traditional tracks being dropped and newer tracks being added. All done with the view to spice up the series and challenge the teams. A total of 54 hours of racing will be what stands between the green flag dropping at Daytona at the beginning of February and the checkered flag being waved at Spa-Francorchamps in early December.  

LMP1 champions xl Maverick lx and Sam5on of Samkel Racing will return in their now trusted Audi R18 TDI LMP1 car to try claim the LMP title for a record breaking 3rd consecutive time.

First Capital Autosports founder Mr Blonde V has drafted in Z7COLTONZ7 and ElChupacabra962 who have changed from Toyota and will now drive the number 5 RWD P30 LMP1 car as will a newly formed team of Murphys Laaawl, Chunt04 and Jagdpanther0224 driving for Kriegsmachine Autowerkes driving in the number 16 RWD.

Taking over in the Toyota LMP1 cars will be a new team to the GSREC Team Highlands Racing LMP  using the number 7 car being driven by THR WildWin7, THR Mysterious and THR operator. Toyota Racing will be using the number 8 car for this years season with their drivers LMP Basher, Foxy2111 and Lifehigh999.

Moving up from the GT class are two time champions MrMarko1100 and Copper Nuts08 of South East Coast Racing who have joined up with 2017 Ardent SECR LMP Driver Dead Arm Tzar to drive the number 22 S.E.C.R./Marek Factory Racing Marek RP 339H LMP1 South East Coast Racing will also be looking to claim their 3rd consecutive title with winning the GT title for the past two years.

Also using the Marek will be BCKracer71, KAYMP4 and dakinca91 from Redbird Racing using the 31 car who have switched from Toyota who they where with for the past two seasons.

In the GT3 class Team Highlands Racing Feature again in their Porsche 911 GT3R being driven by THR cptgreen12 and THR Ryno. Kriegsmachine Autowerkes are running a pair of Porsche 911 GT3R’s with Michael Watts, BadHareDay and Drizzle 180sx all driving the 95 car, while We1ty, ChattyBeast and MissionBULLITT will be driving the 911 car.

Scuderia XCiTe Racing drivers ThorZA16, Mystic x Block and soutie1 all driving in a Ferrari 488 GT3. Joining them in the Ferrari will be Misterchrisit who at the time of print is going solo for his privateer BSZ23 Team.

Also going solo is Global Sim Racing Returnee InsayneHyena who is driving a privately run Acura NSX GT3 under the InsayneHyena-Aruca Motorsport team banner.

This year the calendar has a new look to it whereby the series will return to three tracks that have played host to GSREC races before. All 3 returning tracks will be hosting the 12hr races. Along with the 3 returning tracks, the teams will also have to tackle 3 new tracks that will all play host to 6hr races.  The now traditional season opener the Daytona 12hr will once again be the curtain raiser on Febuary 10th followed by our first new track for this year on the streets on Long Beach for 6hrs. After this we return to another returning track when we travel to France for the Le Mans 12hr. Following on from this, the team hop back across the Atlantic for a first visit to Road America for the Road America 6hrs. From there it's a trip to Asia to the famous Mt. Fuji track which will hold the Fuji 6hrs . Last but not least the teams will head to Belgium for the 12hrs of Spa-Francorchamps.

With so many unknowns thrown into this season with new tracks, teams changing classes and new teams joining and all taking place solely on Project Cars 2, the only thing we can predict about the upcoming season is that it will be totally unpredictable.

Be on the lookout for the preview for the Daytona 12hr race on the week leading up to the event.


Mon 29 Jan, 2018 20:00

Thanks for posting maverick

Mon 29 Jan, 2018 21:05

Great job again as usual man

Mon 29 Jan, 2018 21:10

Cheers copper

Tue 30 Jan, 2018 04:03

Great write up, Marko. Nicely done.

Tue 30 Jan, 2018 07:07

Cheers man

Tue 30 Jan, 2018 20:15

Great write up Marko! Looking forward to this race

Tue 30 Jan, 2018 20:50

Thanks Dan

Wed 31 Jan, 2018 21:14

Crap. I’m in the number eight?! I’ve been in the wrong garage this whole time? Back to square one.

Nice write up Marco. I look forward to this season getting under way. This should be fun.

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