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Ranking System Overview

The driver safety ranking system will be used for all official series/events on Forza Motorsport 6 and Project CARS.

Before you're eligible to compete in an official series/event, you must obtain your GSR racing licence by setting up an orintation session/chat with an admin. In this session the admin will go over our basic GSR guidelines (cockpit view, no assists etc) and will answer any questions you may have.


Mr Blonde V
GRD 4 3L
Nightmare x24x


Drivers gain/lose safety points based on the following:

Clean race: +10

Involved in accident: 0

Causing accident: -10

Quitting, corner cutting, intentional hitting of markers/cones, bump drafting (Open Wheel): - 10

Taking part in every race in a series +10

Taking part in every race (driver has signed up for) in a calendar month +10 



Level 1 Drivers (Rating 0-50)


Level 2 Drivers (Rating 60-100)