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2017 GSR Endurance Championship

In 2014, it took Wagon/Dave/Blonde, Carter/Macace and Insayne/Woody/Nightmare 36 hours to earn the right the be called champions. In 2016, it took SECR (Copper/Marko) and SamKel (Samson/Maverick) 48 hours to earn that same right. We won't know until December who will add their names to the list of GSREC champions; but we do know it will take them a record 54 hours complete with all of the countless euphoric highs and crushing lows that come with multi-class P1 & GT racing on 6 of the world's greatest endurance race circuits. 

Grab a friend or two (or drive solo if you have no friends) and get behind the wheel of one of today's finest LMP 1 or GT3 cars for the ultimate test of endurance.