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  1. Series Description
  2. Regulations
  3. Points 
  4. Cars / Upgrades
  5. Paint
  6. The Reporting Of Incidents

Series Description

Big V8s and low downforce take center stage in this single-make, North American based championship. Take the reins of the 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm: a car that proved so dominant, it managed to sweep the 1997 Trans-Am Series with drivers Tommy Kendall and Mike Borkowski.

This series will be run using Project Cars 2 on the Xbox One.


Technical Regulations

- All competitors will run either the 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm

- Drivers cannot change car mid-season without admin approval.

- There will be a 10 minute qualifying session before each race.

- This series is open to all drivers.

Sporting Regulations

- This championship will be run with a drivers championship and a team championship.

- Only cockpit view will be allowed.

- TCS, ABS, STM are not allowed.

- The racing line is not allowed.

- Race time will be set to a predetermined time.

- Weather will be real, based upon real-time weather network information from

- All races will be run to a predetermined number of laps.

- All races will begin with a rolling start.

- All races will use a two wide start. 

- Pit stops will be manual.

- There will be no lobby restarts during a race unless lag causes a multi-car accident in the first two laps. Restarts can only be called by the senior GSR Admins participating in the race. 


Points – Points will be awarded at the end of a race, you will accumulate points towards the driver standings and manufacturer championship dependent upon your finishing position in each race.

Points Awarded

Below are the finishing race positions and corresponding points allocations for the driver.

*1 point will be awarded to the driver who scores the fastest clean lap of the race.
**1 point will be rewarded to the driver who wins pole position.

1st. - 30 
2nd. - 24
3rd. - 20
4th. - 17
5th. - 16
6th. - 15
7th. - 14
8th. - 13
9th. - 12
10th. - 11
11th. - 10
12th. - 9
13th. - 8
14th. - 7
15th. - 6
16th. - 5


Drivers may use any of these cars:

- 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm

Tuning is open for all events and encouraged.


Drivers must declare which of the paint schemes/driver numbers provided by the game they will be using in the series forum thread. Drivers will be expected to use these liveries for the entire season. Team drivers must use liveries of one in-game team.

Reporting Of Race Incidents

Reporting Of Race Incidents – All incidents must be reported directly after the race and not during the race. Race incidents will not be discussed during the race and all replays must be saved by the driver making the complaint because if there is a lag which caused the incident then it will not be visible by somebody else’s replay.

The replay/replays will be reviewed by the administrators and a decision will be made as to whether or not anyone is to blame and if a penalty should be given to any or all offenders.