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  1. Series Description
  2. Regulations
  3. Qualifying
  4. Points 
  5. Cars / Upgrades
  6. Paint
  7. The Reporting Of Incidents

Series Description

Race these classic 50's sports cars around classic circuits and relive the 50's racing around circuits such as the Nordschleife, Le Mans and Silverstone! This championship will be run in teams of two, with drivers racing with the same cars and liveries! Paints must be replicas with no sponsors allowed.


Technical Regulations

- All competitors will run one of;

Aston Martin DBR1
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Jaguar D Type
Maserati 300 S (DLC)
Mercedes Benz 300 SLR  (DLC)

The build will be gifted to you and must not be changed in any way, but tuning IS allowed for this championship.

Sporting Regulations

- The following assists are prohibited: Braking/Racing line, TCS, STM, ABS

- Simulation steering is mandatory

- Cockpit view is mandatory

- Auto/Manual transmission (Clutch is allowed for this series)

- Each round will begin with a standing start.

- All races will be run with simulation damage.

- There will be no full-course caution periods.

- There will be mandatory pit stops, there will be a different number of stops depending on the track. The mandatory stop will not count if taken on the first or last lap. The pits will be open at all times if needed/wanted.

- There will be no restarts during a race unless lag causes a multi-car accident in the early stages of the race(number of laps depends on track). 

-There will be teams of two drivers that must drive the same car.


There will ba a 15 minute qualifying session before the race is run with ghosts on to determine the starting positions in the race. You may still race if you miss the qualifying session however you will have to start from the back of the grid.


Points – Points will be awarded at the end of a race, you will accumulate points both towards the driver and team standings dependent upon your finishing position in each race.

Points Awarded

Below are the finishing race positions and corresponding points allocations for the driver.

*1 point will be awarded to the driver who scores the fastest clean lap of the race.

*Team championship points will be awarded to both team drivers each race and will be totaled together*

1st. - 30 
2nd. - 24
3rd. - 20
4th. - 17
5th. - 16
6th. - 15
7th. - 14
8th. - 13
9th. - 12
10th. - 11
11th. - 10
12th. - 9
13th. - 8
14th. - 7
15th. - 6
16th. - 5

Cars / Upgrades

Teammates must be in the same vehicle.

Aston Martin DBR1
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Jaguar D Type
Maserati 300 S (DLC)
Mercedes Benz 300 SLR  (DLC)

Tuning is allowed for this series and is encouraged. 


Teammates must run the same colour paint. All cars must be in replica paints or paints similar to those of that era approved by admins. No sponsors are allowed on cars.

Reporting Of Race Incidents

Reporting Of Race Incidents – All incidents must be reported directly after the race (not during the race) unless it requires a penalty. Race incidents will not be discussed during the race and all replays must be saved by the driver making the complaint because if there is a lag which caused the incident then it will not be visible by somebody else’s replay.

The replay/replays will be reviewed by the administrators and a decision will be made as to whether or not anyone is to blame and if a penalty should be given to any or both drivers.