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Assetto Corsa Discussion

Thu 05 Jan 2017, 23:14

Discuss all things Assetto Corsa here.

Tue 21 Nov 2017, 19:00
The Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC was released couple of weeks ago and I did not know.

I purchased the DLC (because it's got 312 F1 & 250 GTO) to find out there's bug in DLC not allowing the cars to be used. In the early pictures of the cars, 312 F1 shown had '66 exhaust pipes (not great looking). The actual release has the proper '67 exhaust pipes which look fantastic (similar to the '67 Honda F1).

AC was working on the patch and just out of curiosity I started AC to see if the patch has been released . . . and it has!!! 312 F1 looks GLORIOUS. The car sound is little too tame/smooth and does not have the 'bark' at low RPM nor the V12 'wail' at high RPM. Otherwise, the drive is awesome. I've only been waiting to drive this on a console for about 15 years so I am ecstatic and soiling my pants. The little details one can feel in AC is really unprecedented; the feeling one gets from AC is clearly different than FM or PCARS. Metaphorically speaking:
Tue 21 Nov 2017, 19:18
(gd the character limit on this thing)

FM = American style omelet with all the fixins'. Lots of flavours and options but focus on egg can be easily lost among other flavours.

PCARS = Well made scrambled eggs. Egg is the main focus and one can enjoy it as is, on toast, or add it to hash.

AC = French omelet with soft creamy centre. Egg is the only thing on the plate, plenty of good butter, seasoned with sea salt, then topped with one teaspoon of finely chopped chives.

All inputs feel so fine, delicate, and luxurious, if that makes sense. A little extra throttle and the rear end slides out as if one was spreading icing on a cake.

Then I test drove 250 GTO and oh my . . . The car looks incredible but the feel of the car is so plush and smooth that time passes by like the warm spring breeze on a freshly showered naked body . . .

AC has the right cars. PC2 has the right historic tracks. What torturous devilry is this?
Tue 21 Nov 2017, 19:35
Cannot agree more! We need more AC racing here! And more tracks to do it on!
Come on, Kunos!!
Fri 24 Nov 2017, 02:44
I’d do some ac racing. I don’t have the last two dlc’s though. Although they both looked pretty good. I was just bummed that they didn’t include the gte 488 in the pack. That would have fit nicely with the Porsche RSR.