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Group A World Tour (PC2 Am)

Sat 23 Dec 2017, 22:43

All discussion related to the Group A World Tour goes here!

Round 1 - January 6th - Silverstone Classic
Round 2 - January 20th - Bathurst
Round 3 - February 3rd - Hockenheimring Classic
Round 4 - February 17th - Nurburgring Nordschleife
Round 5 - March 3rd - Laguna Seca
Round 6 - March 17th - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Round 7 - March 31st - Sportsland SUGO

Eligible Cars:
1988 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E
1991 BMW M3 Sport Evo
1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R
1991 Audi V8 DTM

*All races will start at 15:00 eastern

Sat 03 Mar 2018, 15:28
Thunderbolt and lightning? Very very frightening me!
Sat 03 Mar 2018, 21:06
Thunder and lightning are gone @15:00... Phew... 😉
Sun 04 Mar 2018, 16:47

Lifehigh here's that last 5mins from my view
Tue 06 Mar 2018, 18:52
Nice! That was a close one. I lost a lot of time trying poorly to defend. Good race!
Mon 12 Mar 2018, 07:46
Due to the time change in North America, this weekend's race at Spa will start at 3:00 pm EDT/7:00 pm GMT (one hour earlier for everyone in Europe/South Africa).
Mon 12 Mar 2018, 08:13
Not very convenient for me but understandable.
Mon 12 Mar 2018, 21:49
Posted by LMP BasherNot very convenient for me but understandable.

When do the clocks change in Europe? I think it will only be this way for one week.
Mon 12 Mar 2018, 21:56
Weather forecast for Spa
Tue 13 Mar 2018, 00:25
Posted by Mr Blonde V
When do the clocks change in Europe? I think it will only be this way for one week.

March 25th. I'll survive 😉

Edit: I will, however, not survive another race in the rain with the turbo lagged, rear wheel driven Sierra.. 😒
Thu 15 Mar 2018, 23:12
I've been able to rent 2 hours of track time at Spa this evening if anyone would like to join me and split the costs. 20:00 - 22:00 eastern. (Or 8:00pm - 10:00pm eastern for those of you who prefer to use a flawed method of keeping time.)
Fri 16 Mar 2018, 06:37
Ill be checking out a few contracts tomorrow, will decide which manufacturer to drive for by tomorrow evening. ;)
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 03:29
Looks like there's a great battle between Mystic and Thorza for 2nd in the championship and a hell of a battle for 4th between BCK, LifeHigh, Colton, Insayne, Basher and DeadArm with just 7 points separating all 6 of them. Tomorrow should be a fun race!
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 06:06
Round 6 is TODAY at Spa!

Qualifying - 15:00 eastern / 19:00 GMT

Race - 15:15 (ish) eastern/ 19:15 GMT

IGST - 15:00


Host - Blonde
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 15:14
Weather forecast is snow but we are racing in May. Does that mean a wet race again?
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 18:50
They’re running the goodwood members meeting in the snow today....
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 19:32
Posted by LMP BasherWeather forecast is snow but we are racing in May. Does that mean a wet race again?

The lobby is set to May 1st, so it won't snow. Looking at the radar it's tough to say. If there is any precipitation it will be rain. We will know about 5 minutes before qualifying though.
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 19:45
Rain may actually make this car/track combo fun haha
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 20:35
Conditions will be set to overcast.
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 21:42
To those of you wondering what happened: Before quali and the race, I unplug my controller so that I can wipe it clean. My hands sweat a bit while playing so I don't like starting with a "slippery" controller. So I did it before quali and it was completely ok but when I decided to do it after quali for the race, the game told me a sign in change occurred and kicked me to the main menu.
Sat 17 Mar 2018, 22:05
That happened to me in the gsrec race. It blows.