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LMP3 Championship (PC-Am)

Tue 28 Mar 2017, 22:19

Series sign up coming soon!

The car we will be using is the Caterham SP/300R

May 6th - Rounds 1 & 2 - Dubai Autodrome - National

May 20th - Rounds 3 & 4 - Zhuhai International Circuit

June 3rd - Rounds 5 & 6 - Sakitto (Sprint)

June 17th - Rounds 7 & 8 - Brno Circuit

July 1st - Rounds 9 & 10 - Motorsport Arena Oschersleben

July 15th -Rounds 11 & 12 - Willow Springs International Motorsports Park

All race days will begin at 15:00 eastern / 20:00 gmt

Races will be a 15 minute sprint, followed by a 45 minute feature.

15 minute races will have a 10 minute qualifying session with a standing start

45 minute races will be random grid with a rolling start

Wed 17 May 2017, 23:59
Posted by Murphys Laaawl
Posted by xl MAVERlCK lxSooo...because I'm lazy, what is local time in Zuhai race day?

Remember to simulate smog by turning on fog, preferably heavy.

Isn't smog only a factor in the daytime? So if it's a night race it wouldn't be a big factor, right?
Thu 18 May 2017, 00:06
It'll be set to hazy; but it doesn't appear to do much, really.
Thu 18 May 2017, 01:21
I'll be unable to make the next races due to going on holiday.
These are some good races at the moment as well
Thu 18 May 2017, 01:30
Posted by Throwawaygra71I'll be unable to make the next races due to going on holiday.
These are some good races at the moment as well

Appreciate the notice, Throwaway. It'll make race day easier trying to figure out which reserve(s) will be able to race.

Also, you'll receive last place points, so it's not a total loss for you. Enjoy your holiday!
Thu 18 May 2017, 16:01
Drove a handful of laps yesterday, couldn't set a competitive time because turn 1 or one other turn that gave me fits. But a fun track. Should be really good racing.
Thu 18 May 2017, 19:55
I'm hoping to turn a few laps tonight and see how it goes. Don't think I've ever really driven this track.
Thu 18 May 2017, 20:42
Given that we have 16 spots for 20 drivers, if would make race day much easier for the admins and reserve drivers hoping to get a spot if we did a check in.

So if everyone could write a quick message below indicating if they will be racing on Saturday it would be greatly appreciated.

1. Dead Arm
2. Dakinca
3. BCK
4. Welty
5. Maverick
6. TopSoCalledGear


1. Firben *
2. Boosted Pluto *

3. Bullitt
4. Sticky
Thu 18 May 2017, 20:46
I'm going to be at Frontenac Provincial Park this Saturday, so I won't be available to race.
Thu 18 May 2017, 20:48
Throwaway & Blonde won't be there; guaranteeing spots for both Rookie Raceline cars.
Thu 18 May 2017, 21:21
Barring any mishaps I'll be there. Need to get a few laps practice in though...
Fri 19 May 2017, 00:03
I'll be there
Fri 19 May 2017, 01:27
I'll probably be there.
Fri 19 May 2017, 03:48
Ran a 1:29. Don't know if that's a good benchmark or not. Kinda difficult running a track I've never been on before.
Fri 19 May 2017, 09:36
Coming :)
Fri 19 May 2017, 21:47
I ran a 1:29:5. Seems slow though. Also I'll be there.
Fri 19 May 2017, 21:52
50% chance I'll be there.
Fri 19 May 2017, 23:43
Full SECR squad there.
Sat 20 May 2017, 02:05
Not sure of my laptimes yet but I will certainly join the party!
Sat 20 May 2017, 02:44
So I'm going to have a lobby up for two hours for impromptu practice at Zhuhai. GT: Murphys Laaawl
Sat 20 May 2017, 05:01
I'll be there.
Ran a 30 flat in practice tonight.